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Since 1967 the museum has received over ten million visitors. Trained guides and other museum associates are always here to give visitors the most precise information on the history of Russian astronautics. In the museum visitors can be taken pictures of in a rescue spacesuit, they can buy museum editions, souvenirs and multimedia products.


The museum offers guided tours of the museum permanent display and temporary exhibitions in the Russian, English, German and French languages. The thematic tours like “The world of Tsiolkovsky’s ideas”, “Manned spaceflights”, “Jet propulsion” promote better understanding of the content of the major displays.

Children are desired guests in the museum. Schoolchildren aged from 6 to 10 can come to the museum for the series of thematic tours called “Traveling to astronautics”, which includes five 45-minute tour-lessons: “On the wings of the fairy-tale and dream”, “Flight on the balloon”, “Flying to space with the aid of the rocket”, “The profession of the astronaut”, “On a visit to Tsiolkovsky”.

The museum offers tours both for individual visitors and groups. Tours for groups are to be booked beforehand on the telephone +7 4842 745004.


Museum associates give talks not only in Kaluga and Kaluga district. They travel to nearby cities, towns and villages. Lectures for adults include the following topics:
- “Tsiolkovsky as a scientist”,
- “Tsiolkovsky’s philosophy”,
- “Who are you, Professor Chizhevsky?”,
- “Poetry of Chizhevsky’s paintings”,
- “We and the sun”,
- “The Baikonur space center”,
- “The ISS is the step to Mars”,
- “”The woman in space”,
- “Space Kaluga”,
- “In the depth of the Universe”,
- “Where are you, extra-terrestrial intelligence?”,
- “At the source of Russian rocketry”.

The series of the museum thematic lectures for children “Traveling to astronautics” is followed by fairy-tale lectures in the planetarium:
- “The planetarium-magician”,
- “Pochemuchka’s dream” (‘Pochemuchka’ is a child, who asks a lot of questions),
- “How the Sun and the Moon went to see each other”,
- “The astronaut and the ant”,
- “Space adventures of the small ant”,
- “Sipsik is flying to the Moon”,
- “Starry fairy-tale”,
- “Space race ‘Just you wait!’”,
- “The planet of fairy-tales”,
- “Where has the Sun disappeared?”,
- “How Grishka flew to space for power and strength”.

The series of the museum lectures called “The ABC of astronautics” familiarizes elementary and secondary school students with the basics of aerostation, aviation, astronautics, physics of weightlessness, the profession of the cosmonaut, natural history, etc. Experienced lecturers go to city schools and kindergartens to give talks on the following topics:
- “Tsiolkovsky on a visit to children’,
- “How man learnt to fly”,
- “All secrets of aviation”,
- “Human beings, animals and plants in weightlessness”,
- “Space suits’,
- “Take care, it is weightlessness”,
- “Having a meal on orbit”,
- “How the boy became a cosmonaut”,
- “Star stages”,
-“Men on the Moon”.

Educational games

The museum educational games are very popular with schoolchildren. They involve two teams of children entering different competitions. The games do not require special preparation and are held in the planetarium hall. The effects of the starry sky are demonstrated. Children participate in a number of dynamic competitions (who will be the first to put on a space suit) and quizzes (‘deciphering a message from an alien planet’, ‘to build a museum of the Earth in space’, etc.). The following educational game programs are offered:
- “Flight to the Unknown”,
- “Flight to the Moon”
- “The great scientist from Kaluga”,
- “Going Gagarin’s road”,
- “In the world of museums”,
- “Day of knowledge”,
- “The New Year party with the alien”,
- “Welcome to the ‘Mir’ space station”, etc.

Special celebrations dedicated to some space anniversaries

Traditionally, the museum holds special celebrations of anniversaries of Gagarin’s flight. It is called “Gagarin’s Festival’. It begins on the 9th of March (Yu.Gagarin’s birthday) and is over on the 12th of April (All-World Day of Aviation and Astronautics). On the 12th of April from the museum building young track-and-field sportsmen start for their annual relay race. On that day concerts, youth scientific conferences, contests for the best children’s drawing, thematic tours are held in the museum halls and in the planetarium hall. Films on the first cosmonaut’s life and flight are demonstrated. For successful participation in the museum quiz “Man in the world of technology” high school and university students get prizes.

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