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The associates of the museum conduct extensive scientific-research work on the study and popularization of K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky‘s scientific legacy, of Russian and foreign pioneers of space rocketry, of A.L.Chizhevsky; on the study of rocketry and astronautics, dissemination of the idea of the conquest of space.

In 1979 the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of Cosmonautics got the status of the scientific research institution and since 1982 it has been the head museum leading and coordinating the work of all space museums in the country. Since 1993 the museum has been regarded a major cultural-educational institution possessing special public significance.

As a scientific institution, the museum closely co-operates with state institutions, academic institutions, science-research and production institutions engaged in space research and space production. Traditionally, the museum keeps scientific and practical ties with its counterparts and colleagues abroad. They are big technical museums in the USA, France, Germany, etc. The museum is a member of the ICOM.

In 1973 the museum set up the Tsiolkovsky Diploma and the Tsiolkovsky Medal to award individuals and organizations for popularizing K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky’s ideas and assistance to the museum.

Museum’s publishing activity

The museum published the following books:
- “The Guide-book of the K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky Memorial House” (several editions, the first one published in 1969);
- “At the Source of the Space Era” (Kaluga, 1962);
- “Ahead of His Age” (M., 1970);
- “The Citizen of the Universe” (Kaluga, 1969);
- The collection “K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky in the Memoirs of his Contemporaries” (Kaluga, 1971; Kaluga, 1983);
- Photo-album “Space Kaluga” (M., 1977);
- “Glimpses of My Life” (the autobiography by K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky) (Tula, 1983; Kaluga, 2002);
- “The Guide-book of the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of Cosmonautics” (M.,1977);
- “The Space Museum in Kaluga” (Tula, 1986);
- Bibliographical index “K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky” (Kaluga, 1983);
- “Essays on the Universe”, the collection of K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky’s papers on philosophy (M.,1992; M., 2001);
- “On a Visit To Tsiolkovsky in Kaluga” (Kaluga, 2001);
- Some writings by K.Ed.Tsilkovsky;
- “Poetry of Painting”, an album of paintings and poems by A.L.Chizhevsky (Kaluga,2000; M., 2001)
- “A.L.Chizhevsky “In Science I Passed for a Poet…”, a collection of poems (Kaluga, 1996);
- Autobiography and some writings by A.L.Chizhevsky, and others.
The museum regularly publishes collection catalogs, booklets, prospectuses, calendars, souvenir cards and others.

The Scientific Conferences

Scientific ConferenceThe museum jointly with the Commission on the study of K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky’s scientific legacy (the Russian Academy of Sciences) is one of the organizers of the Scientific Conference which has been held annually in Kaluga since 1966. This conference is an important event for scientists and experts engaged in space research, philosophers, etc. in Russia and abroad. This is due to the fact that the Conference offers a wide range of scientific themes for discussion, covering both the study of K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky’s scientific legacy and diverse issues of modern astronautics. Numerous key space institutions and enterprises, space agencies, Russian and foreign experts show interest in the Conference. At the first conference there were only 17 talks given.

Now the Conference has 12 work sections:
- The study of K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky’s scientific legacy;
- The history of rocketry and astronautics;
- Issues of rocketry and spacecraft;
- Mechanics of spaceflight;
- Issues of space medicine and biology;
- Aviation and aerostation;
- Astronautics and philosophy:
- K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky’s philosophy;
- K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky and scientific prognosis;
- K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky and issues of space production;
- K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky and issues of cosmonauts’ professional activity;
- K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky and education problems;
- K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky and economics of astronautics.

Beside, within the Tsiolkovsky Scientific Conference there are different symposiums and thematic meetings on some particular problems held.

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