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The State Museum of the history of cosmonautics named by K.E. Tsiolkovsky, the first in the world and the largest in Russia, was established with the personal assistance of S.P. Korolev and Ju.A. Gagarin and was opened in 1967. Museum of cosmonautics is a scientific research and technical centre, co-ordinating the work of museums of cosmonautics all over the country. In 1979 it was given a status of scientific research institution, and in 1993 it was enlisted among cultural and educational institution of special social significance.

Museum expositions reveal the history of aeronautics, aviation and rocket-space engineering. Museum collection exhaustively represents scientific heritage of K.E. Tsiolkovsky, a founder of theoretical cosmonautics, an eminent inventor, and an author of works on philosophy and sociology.

The rooms of the Museum of cosmonautics are devoted to the history of practical cosmonautics, from the first man-made satellite to modern permanent space stations. Visitors can familiarize themselves with the history of rocket production in our country since 1920es; with works of the eminent chief designers, namely Korolev, Glushko, Tchelomei, Kosberg, Rjazanov, Babkin, Isaev and others. Museum collection numbers more than 60000 units of issue, including more than 37900 units of the basic collection. Exposition area occupies 2300 sq. m.

The Museum of cosmonautics is an important scientific centre, which carries out large-scale work on the study and popularization of the heritage of K.E. Tsiolkovsky and other Russian and foreign pioneers of rocket engineering, on the history of rocket production and cosmonautics, on dissemination of the ideas of outer space flights. Scientific research work of the Museum of cosmonautics is realized in close connection with public institutions, with allied institutes of the Academy of Sciences, scientific research and industrial institutions of our country.

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