The Tsiolkovsky Memorial House
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The memorial house of the great Russian scientist Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky is located in the outskirts of Kaluga not far from the Oka-river. He lived here 29 years. Here he wrote dozens of his major works on aerostation, aviation, jet propulsion, astronautics and other problems.

The Tsiolkovsky Memorial House Tsiolkovsky bought this house in spring 1904. At that time the house had one floor and one living-room. In spring 1908 the house was badly damaged by the spring flood. The family had to do repairs. The second floor was added where K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky made himself a study, and a workshop on the verandah.

The last years of his life K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky lived in house Ļ1 in the street named after him. This house was given to him by the city council to his 75th birthday.

On the 19th of September 1935 K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky died. A year later on the 19th of September 1936 this house became the Tsiolkovsky Memorial House and was opened for visitors. The first museumís display had a scientific memorial character. It featured the major fields of Tsiolkovskyís studies.

In the fall 1941 the city was occupied by the German troops and the museum was closed. German soldiers were lodged in the house. Part of the most valuable exhibits was saved by the museumís associates and Tsiolkovskyís relatives. But a lot of memorial items (books, photos, etc.) were destroyed. Soon after the liberation of Kaluga the restoration of the museum began and soon it was opened for the public again.

The year 1957 became a major year for the Tsiolkovsky Memorial House. The country marked K.Ed.Tsiolkovskyís 100th anniversary. By that time the science-technical department of the museum had received a new display from the Russian Academy of Sciences. This new display had been created on the initiative of S.P.Korolev. The museum got some unique exhibits reflecting the process of putting K.Ed.Tsiolkovskyís ideas into practice.

In 1967 the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of Cosmonautics was opened in Kaluga. The Tsiolkovsky Memorial House became its memorial department. The interior of the house, the small buildings in the yard, the yard and the garden were restored to look as they used to when the.Tsiolkovskys lived there.

In spring 1968 the Tsiolkovsky Memorial House was closed for restoration and repair and in October the same year when it was opened again it had the display of a biographical-memorial museum.

All the rooms in the Tsiolkovsky Memorial House were restored to look in its original state. Most of the memorial exhibits are authentic. They belonged to Tsiolkovsky and members of his family.

Yuri A.Gagarin who visited Kaluga soon after his historic flight made an entry in the Book of honorary visitors in the Tsiolkovsky Memorial House saying:

ďWith great Ö satisfaction and excitement did I visit the house, where Konstantin Eduardovich lived and ventured,ÖI am happy to be the first to have materialized Tsiolkovskyís visions, consummating the efforts of thousands of people who paved the way for the first manned spaceflight.Ē

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