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On the 19th of February 2000, the A.L.Chizhevsky Science Memorial Cultural Center was opened in Kaluga in 62, Moscovskaya street, where Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky lived and worked for nearly 15 years.

The two-storey house was bought by his father in 1913. In this house Chizhevsky conducted several series of experimental research on the effects of ionized air on a living organism and, thus, laid down basics of air-ionization. Here he conducted research of the sun-earth relations and, thus, laid down fundamentals of heliobiology. In this house Chizhevsky wrote hundreds of poems, which formed the collections “Poems” (1915) and “Book of Poems” (1919), dozens of science papers and popular science articles, and the literary treatise “Academy of Poetry” (1918).

The Chizhevsky Center houses the exhibition “The Chizhevsky chandelier (an air-ionizer) and human’s health”.

The Chizhevsky Center offers its visitors the following lectures:
- “Who are you, Professor Chizhevsky?”,
- “The Chizhevsky chandelier and human’s health”,
- “What does the year of the active sun hold?”,
- “Conversations under the cover of starry skies”
- “Poetry and art in Chizhevsky’s life”.

The Chizhevsky Center offers tours of memorable places associated with A.L.Chizhevsky’s and K.Ed.Tsiolkovsky’s lives and work (customer’s transportation).

The Ñhizhevsky Center also offers the music-poetic show named “I will come to you…”, where one can hear Chizhevsky’s favorite pieces of music and songs for which he wrote lyrics.

Tours of the display are accompanied by the demonstration of photo-documentary materials, slides, video films with the Chizhevsky chandelier on.

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